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This week, we're launching our range of extra-curricular activities, including yoga, physical fitness, self-defense, and social support groups. It's crucial for the girls to dress comfortably, and they're welcome to either wear sweats/leggings or leave them on site to change into.

Just a friendly reminder: all payments must be made one week prior to the start of each session, with payments due by Friday. For example, payments for this week's session were due on Friday, 2/24. If you haven't yet made a payment for this week's session, please do so promptly. Timely payments are essential. Additionally, we're transitioning to exclusively accepting online payments or transactions via cash app; we no longer accept cash payments.

You're aware that your child was personally selected to attend our initial sessions as we fine-tuned the program. Now, we've officially opened enrollment. With new girls, new faces, and new staff joining, it's important to remind your child about the significance of kindness, respecting their peers, and respecting staff. Should there be any instances of children not adhering to program rules, consequences will be enforced.

Please take a moment to review the parent handbook, which outlines rules and regulations, with your child. It's available on our website. Additionally, we'll be going over the rules with the girls this week.

Thank you for your ongoing support! Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Warm regards,

JACKSON Youth Program

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