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What We Do

JACKSON Youth Program aims to inspire a generation of strong, brave and intelligent girls. We engage in this work through the instruction of creative programming, in a safe and nurturing environment while teaching the independence, accountability and personal responsibility that all girls need to succeed.


JACKSON Youth Program features an after-school program for girls ages 8-15. JYP's after-school enrichment program is designed to provide girls with a comprehensive range of support and opportunities.

JYP Tutorial Program provides remedial academics designed to provide preparation for class work, performance tests, final exams and improve academic achievement.

JYP Summer Enrichment Program

consists of a full curriculum of activities that are provided on sight including dance, arts and crafts, physical fitness, field-trips, creative writing, social emotional support, and back to school readiness.

Workshops which provide self-confidence and self-esteem to girls ages 8-15. Please click for upcoming workshops. 

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